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ELC Limo was founded in 2006 as a Limousine and Party Bus Rental company that services Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. We started with a small fleet but as we realized the demand for party buses in Chicago we decided to expand our fleet. After running our fleet over the years as everyone in the limousine business has had to deal with their fair share of break downs and certain components in their limousines not working all at the wrong time.



When a break down occurs there is not much you can do at that time, but try to figure out a solution to get yourself up and running at that time. After having this happen to us a couple times we tried to locate a local company that can make our necessary repairs in a timely fashion and we failed to do so.


We found ourselves either taking the limo back repeated times or fixing the problems ourselves.  It is then we decided to hire a full time in house mechanic to maintain and service our fleet.  


After deciding to have one of our limos completely remodeled at a local shop after four months of waiting for the completion we had to pull the limo out of the shop and finish it ourselves.


It is then we decided to open ELC LIMO DESIGNS.

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